2016   Vol-III (Issue-2)
The Theme of Metamorphosis in Shaw’s Pygmalion
B.Balachandran (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.492-497
Characterization in Girish Karnad’s Wedding Album-A Psychological Approach
G.Keerthana., (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.498-502
Innovative Methods of Teaching and Learning
R.Krishnan., (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.503-508
The impact of partition on Indians and Pakistanis in Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice Candy Man
R. Lakshmi Priya ., (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp509-513.
Satire in George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion
S. Manjula Devi ., (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.521-524.
Enriching English
S. Mathivanan ., (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.525-528
Disconsolation: A Pavement for the psychological study of the characters in Nathanial Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter
R. Ragini ., (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.529-534
Gender Discrimination in Mahesh Dattani’s Tara
V. Amirthavalli (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp..535-537
Gender Discrimination in Mahesh Dattani’s Tara
V. Amirthavalli (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp..535-537
மு.வ நாவல்களில் சமூக விழுமியங்கள்
முனைவர் சுந்தரமூர்த்தி , செ .அடைக்கலமேரி (August 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.538-541
நற்றிணையில் முல்லைத்தினைத் தலைவன் வெளிப்படுத்தும் அன்புணர்வு
வீ.மாரியாயி August 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp..542-552
அகநானூற்றில் ஊடல் தோன்றும் களன்கள்
கி .சியாமளா (August 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.553-559
விவேக சிந்தாமணியில் அறக்கோட்பாடுகள்
திரு.சு.திருக்குமார் (August 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp..560-566
அஞ்சலி வைபவம்
Dr. M.S.Madhavachari.,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 ( Issue 2).,pp 587-591
Attributes of The Sun
S. Brahadha Prasanna.,( August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp 592-600
The Chanllenges Faced By The Translator
Dr. K.S.Pranatharthiharan.,( August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 ( Issue 2).,pp 582-586
A Comparative Study On The Social Support and Work-Family Conflict Among Working Women
Dr. R . Sembiyen., (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.452--461.
Employee Perception of Co Worker Support In Relation To Job Satisfaction
Dr. R . Sembiyen., (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.462-467.
A Study On Job Satisfaction Among Rpf Personnel
M.Arulsubila., (August 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp..691-698
A Study On Implementation Of Innovative Practices In Public Sector Banks In Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu
R.Bhuvaneswari, (Aug 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.296-306.
Innovative Marketing Strategies In Indian Healthcare Sector For Gaining Global Competitiveness
S.Viji,(Aug 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.323-334.
Learning English As A Second Language
Ms.Rajalakshmi & Mr.S.Raghavan (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp .567-570
A Study On Consumer Behaviour Towards Green Marketing With Special Reference To Organic Food Products In Tiruchirappalli District
Dr.M.Usharani,, (Aug 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.268-279.
A Study On Customer Satisfaction Of Mobile Phone Services Provided By Airtel In Tiruchirapalli, Town
S.Karmugil,, (Aug 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.263-267.
Conceptual Framework Of Strategies To Overcome Stress Management
D.Vaishnavi, (Aug 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.379-384.
A Study On The New Insolvency And Bankruptcy code-2016
S.Janaki, (Aug 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.307-311.
A Study On Operational Performance Of Logistics Operators With Special Reference To Psts Logistics, Tuticorin
Dr.D.Mahesh,, (Aug 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.223-232.
A Study On Work Life Balance Of Toyota Company Limited In Tirchirappalli District
R.Malini,, (Aug 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.285-295.
A Study On Performance Of SBI Mutual Funds In Tiruchirapalli District Of Tamilnadu
R.Idhayajothi ,, (Aug 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.280-284.
Working Mothers “A-LA-SPRINT QUEENS” And Their Ordeals
Ms.Meenakshi Renganathan & Ms.B.Vidya., (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.571-574.
A Study On Evaluation Of The Progress Of Women Entrepreneurs In Microfinance Through Self Help Group Bank Linkage Model
K.Subha,, (Aug 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.312-322.
A Study On Hotel Employees’ Perception Of Green Practices With Special Reference To Chennai City
K.Vinoth, (Aug 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.341-356.
A Study On Hotel Employees’ Perception Of Green Practices With Special Reference To Chennai City
K.Vinoth, (Aug 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.341-356.
A Study On Shoppers’ Behavior With Special Reference To Apparel At Femina Shopping Mall, Trichy.
K.Sowmiya,, (Aug 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.245-262.
Employer Branding
S.Kanchana, (Aug 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.335-340
A Study On Hrd Practices Among Operational Level Employees With Special Reference To Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Chennai
Dr.M.Manimekalai, (Aug 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.233-244.
Image Fusion Using Undeciamted Wavelet Transform
N.Seeni,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp -1-15
A Survey on Web Content Extraction Techniques,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp -16-20
Energy Efficient Distribution Clustering In Solution Of Manet
l.Jayasimman,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp21-31
Comparison of Association Rule Mining Algorithms
K.Shankar,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp -32-37
Non Linear Data Stream Clustering By Using Dbscan,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp -38-49
Privacy-Preserving Detection Of Sensitive Data Exposure
MPreethl.,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp 50-55
An Effective Text Mining By Using Text Pattern Classification And Relevant Feature Extraction,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp -56-65
Improving effectiveness in Large Scale Data by concentrating Deduplication,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp66-73
An Overview and A Study of Security Issues & Challenges in Cloud Computing,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp 74-86
Discovering the Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus by using Association Rule Mining,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp -87-95
Routing Based-Nd Protocol For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp -96-103
Evaluation of Trust-Aware and Privacy based Personalized User Recommendations,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp -104-110
An Effective Text Mining By Using Text Pattern Classification And Relevant Feature Extraction
KKasthuri,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp -111-120
An Efficient Distributed Trust Model for Wireless Sensor Networks,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp 121-130
Cloud Computing: A study on importance and opportunities in cloud computing environment
Hari.,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp 131-135
A Proficient Double-layer Intrusion Recognition exposing in MANET with Voice over IP
T.,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp-385-395
Solving Assignment Problem Using Matlab
S.Deepa.,, (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.396-401.
Interval Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Groups And Its Level Subgroups
G.Gomathi Eswari & S.Rethina kumar.,, (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.402-415.
On Ternary Quadratic Diophantine Equation X 2 -xy+y 2 = 12z 2
R.kalaivani., (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp 416-421.
On Strongly G* Continuous Functions In Topological Spaces
N.Gomathi., (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp 422-430
Solving Transportation Problems Using Icorm Method
S.Rethinakumar.,, (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.431-437
Numerical Solution Of Fuzzy Differential Equation By Runge - Kutta Ralston Method
S.Rubanraj & P.Rajkumar., (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.438-447.
On The Ternary Quadratic Diophantine Equation 2(X 2 + Y 2 ) – 3xy = 11z 2
J.Sherly Romilla & A.Srimathi ., (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.448-451.
An Analogue Based Drug Designagainst Crp Using Computational Methods
Dr. N. RameshKannan.,,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 ( Issue 2).,pp 136-144
Effect of Poly Herbal Ointment On Excision Wounds in albino rats
G.Shobana,,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 (Issue 2).,pp 145-152
Anticancer Activity Of Some Medicinal Plants – A Review
Dr.T. Ramesh and P. Renganathan.,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 ( Issue 2).,pp 153-160
Study on Antimicrobial,Anti-inflammatory,Antitumor Activity of Some medicinal Orchids – A Review
Dr.T. Ramesh and P. Renganathan.,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 ( Issue 2).,pp 161-169
Impact of individual and combined exposure of bio-fertilizer, chemical fertilizer and vermicompost on the biochemical constituents of Amaranthus polygonoids l
J.Vanithamanii.,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 ( Issue 2).,pp 170-180
Modern Synthetic Methods For Transition Metal Catalyzed Oxidative Coupling Of Terminal Alkynes With Arylboronic Acids
Dr. Rupesh N. Prabhu.,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 ( Issue 2).,pp 181-190
Phytochemical Analysis And Invitro Antibacterial Screening Of Sida Acuta Extracts Against Extened Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Producing Pathogens
Mr. K. Prabhu.,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 ( Issue2).,pp 191-201
Molecular identification of indigenous insect pathogenic fungi Metarhizium pingshaense (Ascomycota: Hypocreales) virulent to Cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Guenèe)
S.A.Kirubakaran and P.Thirumalaivasan.,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 ( Issue 2).,pp 202-213
Bacteriostatic potential of Purple sulfur bacteria against Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Dr. G. V. Ashokkumar.,,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 ( Issue 2).,pp 214-222
The Effective Removal Of Rhodamine B Dye By Activated Carbon (MIMUSOPS Elengi) By Adsorption Studies
V. Gurunathan & P. Gowthami.,(August 2016)., Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 ( Issue21).,pp 575-581
Reduced morphological change in copper II Chloride in caprylic acid solution
Dr.A.Sinthiya & S.Preeti, (August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.628-633
Fate and upshots of Zinc oxide Nanophase as a pollutant in a fresh water fish Tilapia (Oreochromis mossabicus) and its Physiological alterations in Hematology, Antioxidant level and Histology
T. Siva Vijayakumar .,,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 ( Issue 2).,pp 634-653
Ensuring Data Security by using Quantum Key Distribution in Data Communication
L.Jayasimman,, (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.654-663.
Efficiency Based Auction Framework For Access Control Mechanism For Manet
Dr.B.Vani,, (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.664-671
Conservation Of Pholidota Pallida Lindl Medicinal Orchid – In Vitro
M. Prasathkumar and T. Ramesh.,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 ( Issue 2).,pp 678-
Dr. S. Lakshmi and Mr. V. Rajavel.,( August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3 ( Issue 2).,pp 601-610
Ms. R. Sornasundari and Ms. C. Sara.,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins., Vol 3( Issue2).,pp 616-621
E-ShodhSindhu : A Review
Mr. R. Jawahar Babu and Dr. S. Lakshmi.,(August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3( Issue2).,pp 611-615
Mr. R. Prabhakaran and Mr.P. Purusothaman.,( August 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3( Issue 2).,pp 622-628
A Psychological Reading of Anton Chekhov The Death of a Government Clerk
Dr. A. Arunprakash.,, (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.485-491
Mahesh Dattani as a Social Realist with Reference to his Seven Steps around the Fire
Dr. A. Arunprakash.,, (Aug 2016).,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.514-520
N.Chitra., (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp.468-476.
S.Sasikala., (Aug 2016) .,Int.J.Res.Ins.,Vol 3 (Issue 2)., pp. 477-484.